Six symptoms that might just be signs you’re dehydrated.

One of the first things they taught us in radio school(yes, that’s actually a thing) was to stay hydrated.

Drink lots of water to keep your vocal cords healthy & vibrating properly with the correct amount of mucus.


When I was first starting out in radio, I didn’t drink much water while in the studio. Mostly soda.

Now that I’m older, I usually refill my 33oz Kwik Trip Nature’s Touch water bottle twice in the morning to stay hydrated.

Staying hydrated isn’t just good for your vocal cords, but also for your overall health.

A recent poll looked at what we normally do to deal with symptoms that might just be signs we’re dehydrated.

  1. 43% of people with a headache usually just take a painkiller like Advil or Tylenol. Only one in six people drink water to try & help with a headache.
  2. If people are feeling dizzy, 45% of them lie down, another 20% close their eyes, and drinking water comes in third as a relief option at 18%.
  3. Lying down & napping are the most common ways people combat fatigue or feeling constantly tired, whereas only 15% of people hydrate.
  4. Not surprisingly, drinking water is the NUMBER ONE thing people do when they have dry mouth. Duh.
  5. If you’re constipated, drinking water is by far the best choice, and that’s what most people do, but only 50% of people go that route. Taking some sort of medication is the second most popular form of relief at 14%.
  6. And when you’re got some indigestion, most people(42%) say they drink water. 19% say they take medication. I’m a TUMS guy.

Whatever you’re doing, you could probably use more water in your daily routine. I’ve been trying to get the wife to drink more water, but it’s a constant, uphill battle.

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