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Excitement About The XFL?

The XFL has long been mocked as yet another failed venture by Vince McMahon. As a kid I was stoked to see this type of football. Reminded me of schoolyard ball and with the nicknames on the back felt very new school. The XFL is coming back this February and they just released their rule…

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Ozzy isn’t dying!

Despite what you may have seen on various social media pages the Prince of Darkness is not on his deathbed. In fact, he was spotted out and about with his wife on New Year’s day! Just a reminder to check sources of info before jumping to conclusions. https://www.blabbermouth.net/news/ozzy-osbournes-daughter-denies-he-is-on-his-deathbed-calls-report-utter-bullst/

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I Prevail Singer Pays off Dad’s Mortgage.

The holidays are always better when people do amazing acts of giving. I Prevail had a huge 2019 and Brian Burkheiser capped off his year by paying off his dad’s mortgage. What a good guy. We need more stories like this. https://loudwire.com/i-prevail-brian-burkheiser-pays-dads-mortgage-christmas/?fbclid=IwAR2BZfAeDIIOc-G5Xx8UGXvjGFBMSbGi4wV78DQOFbJQz_Aj1-Dv1T17sXs

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Were the dinosaurs…..MURDERED???

According to a new study there was a great increase in mercury just before the asteroid hit earth. This is due to a volcano erupting around the same time as the asteroid hit. Or at least that’s what they want you to think! Sure sounds like the dinos were murdered in cold blood! Someone, or…

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This kid and his big mouth…

This kid. I mean wow. First of all he looks like a cartoon character. Second of all I bet he’s really good at Pacman since his head was the inspiration for the design. I’m kidding that’s mean. I bet this kid will have a tremendous high school and early college party life. It’s just a…

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The Rock Foundation Donates to Habitat for Heroes.

Habitat for Heroes is building a home for a family in need here in La Crosse and the Rock Foundation is chipping in to help. The house will be at 957 Hood Street here in La Crosse. How cool that the house number is 957! We are very excited to see this build all the…

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