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Starset at The Varsity Theater

This weekend The Fiance’ and I went on a trip north to the cities. It was one of my buddies birthdays and Starset was in town, a dangerous combination that inevitably lead to too many large beers and “Too Sweet Me’s”. I have never been to the Varsity Theater and I was excited to see…

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Watch Every Star Wars In One Day? Sign Me Up!

Star Wars is a quintessential movie franchise and this December the latest trilogy comes to a close. Some would say for the better. I wouldn’t but there are lots of people who would say that. I fully enjoyed all the new movies and even the side stories. Rogue One was a delightful movie, don’t @…

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Mashup Friday!

Songs you didn’t know you needed to see mashed up together to create…..greatness. Enjoy! Don’t worry about the cover photo, it’s a cool pic I took and I’m proud.

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What Beers to Pair With Halloween Candy

Man has long struggled to find the right beers to go with the candy you hand out on Halloween. Struggle no more my friends! This video pairs some very tasty beers with arguably the best candy. Check it out here and let us know what beers you pair with candy.

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Metallica to Play Festivals in US!

The mighty Metallica announced earlier this afternoon that they will be headlining five US next summer. The festivals are all run by Danny Wilmer Productions and include Sonic Temple, Aftershock, Louder Than Life, Welcome to Rockville, and Epicenter Festival. For those of you keeping score at home none of those are in Wisconsin, or Minnesota,…

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The Most Unsettling World Record.

Everyone has their one thing. This guys one thing is staring directly into your soul and refusing to blink for more than an hour. Try watching this and not look away. You won’t be able to. This is the ultimate horror movie, being in Spooky Season I feel this is appropriate. Enjoy!

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