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Layne Staley Documentary Coming Soon!

I love me some AIC. Probably the best Seattle band that truly lived the Seattle scene. Layne Staley also had one of the most powerful voices in music history, never mind just rock. His life was riddled with drugs and depression and I’m very curious to learn more. September 2020 is the release date!

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Get Into The Motley Crue Reunion Tour For Free?!

Yea. According to a 2014 interview Mick Mars did he said if they do another tour he’ll “invite the whole world for free.” He said it so it must be true! It would be totally out of Motley Crue’s character to go back on something they said in the past!

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Happy 30th MST3K

Thirty years ago today the greatest show in the history of TV made its debut. You read that right. BEST TV SHOW OF ALL TIME. You can @ me all you want but you’re wrong so save your energy. Mystery Science Theater 3000 is a constant in my life for the last 15 years. And…

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Give me freedom!!

This cat was such a fan of Patrick Henry that it kept freeing it’s feline friends until he was put in solitary. This cat knows that pets don’t belong in cages but rather loving homes. Make it happen cat!–FQc7UX05rld-CSV9ronBMmZQQ1ea-aQ3nc

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Well He Does Have a Point…

He died then got better. They revived him! He technically died didn’t he? His life was over then they brought him back to life. The judge however did not agree with that sound logic and he back behind bars until he dies…again. At this point I think he at least deserves a new trial.

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Virtual Alice In Chains?

You bet! Alice In Chains will be shifting form and will be sent digitally in the video game AdventureQuest 3D. It’s a free game and for three weeks you can watch the concert free in game! This is the only way I want to see rock stars in digital forms. #StopTheHolograms.

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Photoshop and the Mugshot

This guy wouldn’t turn himself in until the cops photoshopped a sailor hat and shirt on him. 2019 is a strange, strange place to be.

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60 Second Scoop on Politics

Last night there were some elections. How cool! Democracy! It’s cool to see the progression of states and the general acceptance of different lifestyles. That’s why I’m so stoked to see this metal singer getting re-elected in Virginia last night! That’s badass! Way to go Virginia! \m/ Here’s a snippet of their band!

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