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Posts by Decker

Rammstein is Coming To Minnesota and Chicago!

Holy macaroni! I’ve seen some stage and seating setups and it look INSANE!! There’s even a “fire pit” Which is scary and badass all in one! August 30th they play US Bank and September 3rd they play Soldier Field. Lets go!!!

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Nope Not Gonna Eat That.

Is this for real? No, probably not. But I know there will be some asshat of a dingus who will actually eat this. That person is stubborn and will not let a good joke get in their way of proving to you how badass they are. There are lots of tasty pizza toppings in this…

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The Continuing of Clever Criminals.

This is just poetry in motion. Nothing in this world will ever make me laugh quite as hard as this video. Except for maybe a microwave pancake in a cup, which is a story for a different day….

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The Greatest Baseball Conspiracy of the Decade!

Imagine this if you will. You’re a baseball player playing shortstop in the Yankee minor league. You have worked your whole life to be the greatest shortstop ever. However, your dreams are crushed because Derek Jeter thinks you are competition for his spot so he gets you cut from the team. That’s what this dude…

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The Craftiest Criminals of the Day!

They said you’d learn nothing in elementry school arts and crafts day. They were wrong. These guys learned the precision needed to cut and glue numbers from one piece of paper to another. And they would have gotten away with it if it weren’t for the horrendous job they did. Bless their hearts they tried…

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