we have a winner!


Curt Erickson from Sparta

It's been a bit of a strange year... but thanks to all of you, we were able to make it one helluva Summer!

65 Days - 65 Rock Stops - 65 Qualifiers - 1 Winner

Congratulations to Curt!  He just won a 2020 Harley-Davidson Softail


Yes, 2020 has been.... well.  Awful.  But we all sucked together (from a distance)

Hopefully in 2021, we can all get back to normal and bring back:


!!!  THE 95 DAYS OF SUMMER  !!!


Thanks to Features in Holmen.  James might be one of the best humans on the entire planet, and his staff is amazing.  They kept us safe, they kept us fed, and we sure didn't go thirsty!  Plus James got some new barstools (and they are pretty awesome!)

Toby and the gang at The Driftess Axe & Arcade made sure we were all SUPER-SAFE and let everyone sign up online all summer!  They even had a few at the Arcade so we could just get the hell out of the damn house for a bit.  (I think we all remember being much better at Ms. Pac Man BTW)

We also want to thank all of the Rock Stop Locations for their continued support, and even got to hit a few new places this year... we hope that you all will continue to support them.

Please, do what you can and support local business

Now the only question is... what bike should we giveaway next year?!?


Our sincere thanks.    YOU are    and WE are     95-7 The Rock

-Brian, Jean, Puck, Decker, Bags, & T-Bone

thanks to our sponsors for 2020