The Rock Foundation was created in the summer of 1999, by the staff of 95.7 The Rock. For the past 15 years, you've helped us help individuals, organizations and families in time of need. Since the Foundations inception, we have been humbled by the continued support and generosity of you, the kick-ass Rock listener.


If you have a friend, family member,
or neighbor that has been struck by
tragedy and could use a helping hand,
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Rebecca Black was in a bad head on collision on Thanksgiving Day. She spent four days in ICU, and spent a total of three weeks in the hospital.

Becky suffered a serious head injury, two fractured vertebra in her neck, and a cracked rib. Initial neurology reports came back that Becky would not walk, talk, or breathe on her own.  But every single day Becky fought, amazed her doctors and nurses and she got better.  With the help of physical, occupational, speech and group therapy Becky is walking, talking, and writing on her own.  Her long term memory and sense of humor have both returned.

There will be a benefit for Rebecca at Champions Riverside Resort in Galesville on Saturday, February 8th, starting at 10am! There will be food, drinks, music, games, raffles, a chicken-q, auctions and more!

For more information, please visit the event’s Facebook page.