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Blue Moon Restaurant
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Pasture Pride Cheese
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Timmer´s 10 Mile Pub
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Brian tries to get Jean to admit that having a goat for a St. Paddy's Day mascot was a brilliant idea. And then he tries to take it a step further.

According to a new survey, you waste 173 days of your life by hitting the snooze button. Brian found out that Jean and Shaw not only hit the snooze, but they try to "fool" themselves by setting their clocks ahead.

Shaw didn't want to share this story, and after hearing it, Brian regrets asking to hear it.

It was James Spader's birthday today, and Brian talked about how he met a guy at a wedding in Minneapolis that looked sorta like James Spader.

Back in 2012, we had our friend, John Steers, the then La Crosse County Medical Examiner, in the studio to talk about his battle with prostate cancer. Sadly, he lost his fight with cancer earlier this week. At his memorial service, we found out that he was extremely proud of being on-air with us and hoped that his story had made a difference.

Leno said goodbye last night after 22 years of hosting the "Tonight Show" and got a bit choked up. Shaw was NOT a fan of his tears.

Rock Fest 2012. Brian claims to have made a suggestion to Halestorm's Lizzy Hale that apparently made a difference in a few Rock listeners' lives.

American Fangs and Hollywood Undead got in a scuffle after their show at the La Crosse Center in 2013, and Skradie describes a nipple the only way he knows how.