American Fangs and Hollywood Undead got in a scuffle after their show at the La Crosse Center in 2013, and Skradie describes a nipple the only way he knows how.

Disgusted with all the "redneck" shows on TV, Brian and Jean come up with some ideas for a potential GOLD MINE of TV shows based in the Upper Midwest.

Thanks to his daughter, Brian and Jean find out that Shaw has been "rapping" the weather on another station in the building.

Facebook makes an IPO, and Skradie learns a bit about the stock market.

Brian FINALLY wins the Employee of the Month award at Midwest Family Broadcasting. Interesting fact...the company stopped giving out the award after he won.

Before the 2010 St. Patty's Day .01K, Skradie made "bagpipes" out of a garbage bag, a couple of recorders, and some pens.

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